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Math Flash Cards Online at Schoolhouse Flash Help Kids and Teachers with Basic Math Fact Practice

Use our flash cards with animated equations and three skill levels to help elementary students kindergarten through sixth grades learn, practice and master the basic math facts.

Designed in different formats these flash cards for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division give parents and teachers an online tool with a choice of viewing preferences.

Schoolhouse Flash offers an effective method of learning presented in full screen view which eliminates on screen distractions so that kids can focus on the facts!

We Put the Flash Back in the Cards

  • Math flash cards are used because they work. Every kindergarten through sixth grade student is required to learn by memory the math fact equations. Teachers understand the stress related to this task and know that encouragement with the right tools and study habits, can help children overcome and accomplish their goal.

  • Math practice designed for elementary kids. Mastering the required memorization skill is a process that develops throughout the elementary grades. Brief and frequent practice sessions over time will build skills as children progress through the four math functions and multi skill levels of these math fact presentations.

  • 3 levels challenge students at any stage of development. Level One displays flash card sets in order for the beginner. Practice cards on Level Two displays the equation without the answer and will reveal the correct answer upon a mouse click. Sharpen math skills with automatic timed answers on Level Three.

  • Effective, convenient and free memorization tools. Teachers can appreciate how easily children manage these online flash card sets which cannot be damaged or misplaced.

"We Put the Cards Back in the Box!"

Two Free Online Math Flash Cards Sets

Click on the schoolhouse to view these flash card sets in full screen view which eliminates on screen distractions for kids.

System Requirements & Sample - Electro-Math Animated Math Fact Equations Flashcards
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SUM-TIME Math Flash Cards
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Flashcards Help Kids Learn Math

Combine visual demonstration, practice and skill sharpening techniques, with the verbal confirmation learning technique and success is inevitable!

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